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Tips for getting the cut , color or desired extension looks you want


Do I need to wash my hair  before a chemical/ Extension service?


 For Color: You can wash it but it's not necessary. The reason we don't encourage it is the natural oils on your scalp help protect your skin from the chemicals.

For Extensions: Yes, but don't use conditioner. This can create slippage on your newly installed extensions.


What do I need to do for a Formal style service?


Come with hair washed the day before and dried with no product. I like a fresh clean slate to work with. Bring in a photo of the style and any accessories you'd like incorporated into it. Wear a button up shirt. Based on your hair length, texture and condition I will get you as close to the desired style as possible.


What over the counter hair products do you recommend?


I do  not recommend any OTC products. The reason why is they are equivalent strength wise, like washing your hair with battery acid. These products can ruin a new color very quickly. I will not guarantee my color if you are not using professional  products, (yes I can tell)


Do I have to use professional products on my extensions?


In short, YES!!!!!!  Why would you spend 100's of dollars on gorgeous hair and use dollar shampoo on it?  Let's just not do that mmmmk? 


Please be reasonable in your expectations:


If you come in with  natural black or dark brown box dyed hair, you will not be able to go silver or blonde in 1 sitting, unless of course you don't want any hair left when we're done.  It WILL take several 2-3 hour appointments to achieve this look and keep your hair in good shape.

And...... let's not forget maintenance, shall we?  My blondes must commit to 4-6 week maintenance. 1.  to keep your color fresh and vibrant and 2. You are a walking billboard with my name all over it, and it has to look AMAZING!!!!  

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We are offering a very special opportunity to our valued guests. Act now, as this offer will only be available for a limited time. Free deep conditioning treatment with any color service.

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A micropigmentation service to enhance the look of the eyebrow. It can create fullness and depth. This service can take up to 3 hours due the the customizing of each stroke to your natural  brow shape. This is great for those who have been through chemo, have sparse brows naturally or would prefer a higher maintenance, detailed look. 

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Brazilian blowout 

Amino acid based straightening  treatment that lasts upto 12 weeks*

*with proper  after care

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